WELCOME to my Blog.

Welcome to my Blog …. http://www.marnussteyn.com

On this blog I try to share as much information about the Real Estate market in the areas where we (me and my wife) work, Roodepoort, Gauteng, SA. I try to answer questions that buyers, sellers, landlords & tenants ask and I try to inform and educate people around the process of selling, buying or renting property.

We have been Real Estate agents since 2005 for various different agencies. We have both started and managed or own agencies and we are, since March 2016 – Steyn Realty – http://www.steynrealty.co.za … We specialize in residential property sales & marketing and we also manage rentals for our investor clients or any landlord that wants to outsource the management of his/her property.

In addition to the my Real Estate business, I love sports, Mountain Biking in particular and I also share some information around that.

” … I’d rather try and fail, than not try at all …” … I don’t know who said this but I agree … Let’s do this.

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