Selling your Property?

One of the most important factors when selling your home is pricing. Pricing can determine for how long your property will be on the market and for how much it will sell in the end. If a property stays on the market for too long is becomes stale, over-exposed and generally buyers think there must be something wrong with the property. When offers do come in they are often much lower than expected.

You also don’t want to give your property away by pricing it way below Market Value and that is why you need a comprehensive and professional valuation done before going into the market. In a Buyers’ Market, where we are now, supply (stock) is high which means that buyers can shop around and drive prices down where they feel properties are over-priced.  It is not uncommon for buyers to offer around 10% less than the asking price as they are also very well informed of prices in the areas where they shop and they can see over-priced properties from a mile away.

Pricing right from the start will attract serious buyers in a shorter time and will result in higher offers being made. As a seller, stay away from agents quoting high prices for selling as they are just out to get the mandate with the idea of driving the price down over time and creating unrealistic expectations.

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Our property valuations are very seldom related to the current replacement values, bank valuations, insurance or municipal valuations / values as these values are often irrelevant when determining the “Market Value” / “Sellable Value” of the property.

We would love to offer you a Free Valuation including a comprehensive CMA (comparative market analysis) of the recent sales in the area / complex or estate where you stay. We specialise in Residential sales & rentals in and around the Roodepoort area. Anything from Wilgeheuwel hospital to Cradlestone Mall along Hendrik Potgieter including areas such as Helderkruin, Honey Hills, Kloofendal, Weltevreden Park, Amorosa, Poortview, Tres Jolie, Ruimsig, Allen’s Nek, Radiokop, Wilgeheuwel, Honeydew Ridge – Manor and Grove, Strubensvallei and Little Falls. We also have a partner company in Krugersdorp that can assist with similar valuations in those areas.

Area Ad

We have a high demand for two and three bedroom townhouses selling around the R 850 000 to R 1 200 000 mark as well as freehold single residential family homes in the same areas …… any property priced right will sell.

Should you be interested to get a professional Market Related valuation done on any of your properties, please contact Marnus or Juanita on 0722647806 / 0836041231. We also offer rental management services from listing, advertising & marketing, screening to procurement and placement as well as ongoing management of the tenant and the property. In addition to the above we offer basic maintenance and cleaning services to get your property “RentReady” before renting it out.

We have a list of attorneys, bond originators & contractors that we use on a regular basis to make sure that we can provide a full 360 ̊service to our buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries with regard to the above.

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Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017

…. not sure about you but 2016 was not a particularly good year for the Real Estate industry in SA. We saw the Prime Lending Rate go from 9.75% to 10.5% in the first half of the year. This, together with a couple of very negative and concerning economical and political movements put a bit of a damper on the market with most agents I spoke to reporting a drop in sales for the year.

Enough of 2016 and enough negativity over that market, the macroeconomical situation of the country and the dreaded word ….. “Politics” … blah blah blah … we have work to do and properties to market and sell.

2017 is here and we are going to “hook it” …. we are going to “hook it real good”. Stock in the Real Estate market is and always will be king! There are buyers for well priced properties. Although there are many factors that play a role like area (location), condition and specifications ….. “PRICE” will be the determining factor. If you price right, you will sell.

STEYN REALTY is serious about delivering an exceptional service to out clients being Property SELLERS, BUYERS, LANDLORDS & TENANTS. We have the experience, knowledge, marketing expertise, professional attitude and the drive to assist our clients with any Real Estate related query or assistance they might have. Where we can’t assist we will try to point you in the right direction. We have a list of professional and capable bond originators, attorneys, electricians, plumbers etc who we refer to our clients on a regular basis.

Buying or Selling Property is serious business and you need to team up with an Estate Agency who is just as serious about what they do. STEYN REALTY would love to assist you, no matter how big or small your property …. we do it all. We can also manage your rental portfolio, find, screen and place tenants on an ongoing basis.

If you are looking to Buy, Sell or Let-Out a property anywhere in the Roodepoort / Krugersdorp area or you know of someone who is struggling to sell please give us a call.

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Are you pricing yourself out of the market??

We live in the information age where information such as property values can easily be accessed by the public without the help of an agent or agency. Looking at the information on the various websites such as Property24 and Private Property, buyers can see which properties are well priced within the area where they are shopping. They won’t waste their time going to see the properties which are over-priced and will only focus on those ones that are priced according to the area average. There are some stunning properties out there but “PRICE” is still the main factor that will attract buyers.

If buyers are so well-informed, surely SELLERS should also be …. or not? As a seller, before you blame your agent for not selling your house quick enough, have you done the following?

  1. Do you know which properties in your street have recently sold and for how much?
  2. Do you know which similar size properties in your complex or estate have recently sold and for how much?
  3. Have you seen the condition of any of these properties that have recently sold around your property?
  4. Have you had a look on the websites, in the area where your property is situated, what the properties are listed for and how long they have been listed for? These properties will be your competition should you decide to list.


A professional and experienced agent can assist you with all of the above and can provide you with the information, they also use their experience and industry knowledge to recommend a marketing / listings price at which the property should be marketed to get maximum exposure. By doing some of your own homework you will also see which agents are just out to “Buy” a mandate on your property and which are serious about their business. Give yourself enough time and evaluate the various valuations from as many agents as possible.

Don’t get sidetracked by the sales pitch …. Look at the marketing price and compare it to your own homework.

Factors such as the area, location, specifications, offering, overall condition, finishes and security (to mention a few) are also very important in determining the price but in the end, if two properties offer the same and they were listed for the same price, the property that is in a better condition will sell quicker at a price closer to the asking price (or even for the full asking price) than the one that is not in a good condition. If the one which is in a good condition is far over-priced, out of the area average / market buyers won’t be interested.

Fashionable_Businessman-051.pngBottom Line: Properties that are priced correctly will sell within 12 weeks of being listed ….. If it hasn’t sold within 12 weeks, your problem is the “PRICE” and your agent should have alerted you to this. Ask yourself the following question: “As a buyer, looking for the type of property that you are selling, would you consider buying your own house at the asking price you are asking?”.

For an honest, free, no obligation assessment in writing of the value and possible selling price of your property in any area from Sterkfontein, Honingklip & Pinehaven in Krugersdorp & Roodepoort all along Hendrik Potgieter to Radiokop & Allen’s Nek including Helderkruin, Constantia Kloof, Kloofendal and Weltevreden Park …. give Steyn Realty a call, we can assist. We also specialize in rental portfolio management and procurement of tenants.

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Seller Information



I recently posted this article on our website in an attempt to notify sellers and future property sellers as to the potential pitfalls / costs when selling.

Just in the case of purchasers who need to do their homework before buying, making sure they are credit worthy and what they can afford, Sellers also need to do their homework ….

While touching on a couple of other issues, the article aims to outline most of the potential costs that Sellers may be responsible for during the sales and registration (transfer) processes. It covers the following:

  1. Avoiding Penalty Interest
  2. Bond Cancellation Costs
  3. Compliance Certificates
  4. General Condition of the Property and
  5. Nomination of the Transferring Attorney Firm.

You can read the article by clicking on the link below.

CLICK HERE (2).jpg

For any sales or rental related queries or to get your property listed in the Roodepoort, Ruimsig, Wilgeheuwel, Little Falls, Constantia Kloof and surrounds …. please contact!

Marnus Steyn – 0722647806 /

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Heads UP

… every now and again we have to look at some stats to see where we are coming from AND if we are on track to where we want to go. The last 17 months since Jan ’12 we have captured our transactions a bit differently so that we can extract valuable data on various aspects of our business.

RealPro is not a BIG Real Estate Agency, but we a fair a mount of business on the Westrand including Krugersdorp and Roodepoort. Enough to get some stats to look at ….. at least. In the last 17 months we registered just over R 72 000 000 worth of properties (Property Value)., with an average value of below R 1 000 000. We make use of bond originators where we can as we believe they add value to our business and to the majority of our buyers. We have some clients who prefer to go directly to their banks but the most use originators to see where they can get the best deal.

Yes, we do get many 100% bond applications, 54% of the registered deals applied for 100% bonds and 57% of them got it. Many got 95% or 90% or even as low as 75% and still continued with the transaction.

Below is a graph showing which banks granted the most applications (deals) during this 17 month period. Banks include ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, FNB as well as RMB and SA Homeloans.

Finance 3 June 2013…. watch this space for more stats and info ….. all our properties can be viewed at

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Stock – Listings available

Stock, stock and more stock ………. Just a quick one regarding some available stock the I will be advertising for next week. Some well priced family houses in Krugersdorp and Townhouses available in Roodepoort. Small holding properties in a secure estate in Honigklip as well as some stunning estate houses in Chancliff, Krugersdorp.

For all my, and all RealPro listings please remember to visit the RealPro website at

What factors should you consider when buying into a HOA or Sectional Title / Body Corporate ….

A resent article on Property24 highlighted the most important factors to consider when buying into a HOA (Home Owners Association). Herewith the article:

05 Jun 2012

Gated communities and private estates have become common place in South Africa mainly due to their perceived feelings of added security and safety. What most people might not realise is that each of these communities and estates are ruled by a Home Owners Association (HOA) that has their own set of rules and regulations with regards to what can and cannot be done.

Ask to see the most recent trustee meeting minutes – viewing the minutes will be able to give you an idea of the topics and issues that are current within the estate. “HOAs are often confused with Sectional Title Schemes or Bodies Corporate, and whilst the two are similar there are many differences,” says Johann Le Roux, Director of Propell.

Before buying into a gated community or private estate, Le Roux advises that you ask the following questions with regards to the HOA for that estate:

  1. Make sure you know what the HOA rules and regulations are. For example are you able to sublet any parts of your property or run a business from your property? What are the styles and colours allowed? Are you allowed pets within the estate; and if you are allowed dogs, must they be walked on a leash when out in the common area? If you are unsure of any of the rules and regulations stated, seek legal advice.
  2. What is the financial standing of the HOA? Is the HOA currently in the black? Does it have any monies saved for future projects? What are the current levies and when last were they increased?
  3. What is the arrear levy collection policy? Obtain a list of arrear owners to establish if there are significant arrear balances, which could impede the HOA’s cash flow.
  4. Ask to see the most recent trustee meeting minutes – viewing the minutes will be able to give you an idea of the topics and issues that are current within the estate.
  5. Find out if there are any penalties for not building within a specified time period – this especially applies to estates where you buy your plot and then build. The penalties for not building within a specified time period have been known to be as much as 8 times what the current levies are.
  6. Make sure the home/property that you are buying is not already out of compliance with the HOA regulations.
  7. What do your levies cover? For example – security, road maintenance, path maintenance, fences, public areas such a pool, club house, etc.

The main advantage of living within an HOA is the lifestyle opportunities they offer, says Le Roux ……





A couple of examples in the areas where I sell.

  1. Townhouse in Wilgeheuwel,Roodepoort for R 489 000
  2. Townhouse in Rangeview, Krugersdorp for R 599 000
  3. Townhouse in Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort for R 850 000
  4. Townhouse in Wilgeheuwel, Roodepoort for R 925 000
  5. Cluster in Chancliff, Krugersdorp for R 1 140 000
  6. Cluster in Chancliff, Krugersdorp for R 1 355 000
  7. Cluster in Strubensvallei, Roodepoort for R 1 750 000
  8. House in Estate, Ruimsig, Roodepoort for R 2 500 000
  9. House in Estate, Ruimsig, Roodepoort for R 2 750 000
  10. House in Estate, Chancliff, Krugersdorp for R 5 259 000

Just to point out that most the advice given above is also applicable when buying into a Sectional Title (‘ST’) / Townhouse development with the major differences being:

  1. Most ST developments are managed by a property management company.
  2. Properties are mostly refered to as Townhouses or Flats where HOA’s are Clusters and or Single Residential Properties within an Estate.
  3. These Townhouses do not have their own Erf numbers which is covered by one Erf number for the development as a whole.
  4. Owners do not own the stand / land on which the property is built but only the inside of the building.
  5. Owners therefore own a share in the development depending on the size of their unit ……… and so we can go on.

The ST developments appoint a board of trustees made up of owners and also have audited financials, rules and regulations, annual general meetings where budgets and levies are discussed and minuted. Some even have regular news letters sent out to owners / residents which can all be obtained prior to signing on the dotted line. Agents selling any of these properties should also be able to provide you with such info where requested.

Additional monthly expenses that you need to be aware of are:

  1. Levies + additional levy for security where applicable (some complexes have this included in the current levy but this is not always the case). Levies normally include payment for services such as: upkeep of common property, garden services, refuse removal, general maintenance to the common property as well as to the exterior of the units, security services and maintenance to gate motors, systems etc, structural insurance (replacement value) including repairs and replacement of geezers, windows, walls, roof structures etc.
  2. Rates and Taxes paid to the relevant council.
  3. Water and electricity usage (Some developments might have these on a pre-paid system) normally included on the levy statement.
  4. Any special levies imposed by the Body Corporate for maintenance, upgrades etc.

What is very important is to make sure that when you buy into any of these Developments, Complexes or Estates, that any additions, alterations or improvements of any sort has been approved by the HOA or Body Corporate and the Council where applicable.

Just as buying any property, you as the buyer have to make sure that you took all necessary steps to gain as much info on the relevant property that you want to buy that you are comfortable going forward with the sale.

Just remember …… “Any day is a good day to buy Property”!