Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017

…. not sure about you but 2016 was not a particularly good year for the Real Estate industry in SA. We saw the Prime Lending Rate go from 9.75% to 10.5% in the first half of the year. This, together with a couple of very negative and concerning economical and political movements put a bit of a damper on the market with most agents I spoke to reporting a drop in sales for the year.

Enough of 2016 and enough negativity over that market, the macroeconomical situation of the country and the dreaded word ….. “Politics” … blah blah blah … we have work to do and properties to market and sell.

2017 is here and we are going to “hook it” …. we are going to “hook it real good”. Stock in the Real Estate market is and always will be king! There are buyers for well priced properties. Although there are many factors that play a role like area (location), condition and specifications ….. “PRICE” will be the determining factor. If you price right, you will sell.

STEYN REALTY is serious about delivering an exceptional service to out clients being Property SELLERS, BUYERS, LANDLORDS & TENANTS. We have the experience, knowledge, marketing expertise, professional attitude and the drive to assist our clients with any Real Estate related query or assistance they might have. Where we can’t assist we will try to point you in the right direction. We have a list of professional and capable bond originators, attorneys, electricians, plumbers etc who we refer to our clients on a regular basis.

Buying or Selling Property is serious business and you need to team up with an Estate Agency who is just as serious about what they do. STEYN REALTY would love to assist you, no matter how big or small your property …. we do it all. We can also manage your rental portfolio, find, screen and place tenants on an ongoing basis.

If you are looking to Buy, Sell or Let-Out a property anywhere in the Roodepoort / Krugersdorp area or you know of someone who is struggling to sell please give us a call.

Marnus Steyn / 072 264 7806 / marnus@steynrealty.co.za / http://www.steynrealty.co.za
Juanita Steyn / 083 604 1231 / juanita@steynrealty.co.za / http://www.steynrealty.co.za



Note to self

So, I attended a function today where a local Attorney Firm, Leeuwner-Maritz, re launched a fresh new look for their Firm and we also had a nice breakfast ….. Thanks for that!

+/- 250 local agents, many of whom I work with, were also treated to an inspiring and motivational talk by none other than Cherie Power Coach and Speaker Cherie Eilertsen. I am so glad that the RealPro team got the opportunity to experience this. Cherie is such an energetic and dynamic person, you can’t help to feel like taking on the world after hearing her speak. Maybe the Sharks should invest in a talk or two …… Ha ha

What came out loud and clear from her talk was that our industry is an ever changing one. Principals, agents, attorneys and anyone involved in the Real Estate industry have to be looking for new and better ways to attract, service and keep clients. Our job as agents is a difficult one. We have to list new stock, find buyers and then put all the pieces of the puzzle together before we have a deal. Then, once we have the deal we have to start solving problems and finding ways for this deal to actually work …… Easier said than done.

Being a real property expert in the area where you work will go along way to making your job a lot easier and you will be able to work more effectively . Staying in touch and keeping a list of your hot prospective buyers is so important. If you are seen as the expert in your area, listings will come and if you have your list of buyers ready …. guess what, the offers will come as well. It won’t happen as easy as that every time and you will have to revert to advertising, showing etc etc but doing the hard work on a database of hot buyers will definitely be of great help …… Note to self!! This is an area of my business where I need to be a lot sharper and success will follow.

Thank you Leeuwner-Maritz and Cherie …. What a great morning and what a great privilege to have been able to attend, time well spent.