Personal (Stuff about me)

Feeling blessed today ….

….. being quite active physically and having a bit of a history with shoulder problems (AC joint) the time came that I needed to have my right one worked on once again after breaking and partially dislocating it in 1999.

I suppose as you get older, your life takes on a deeper meaning, you see and experience things a bit differently than when you were 25 years old …. well, I do any way. The thought of going under the knife has never exited me really and there is always some doubt that creeps in. Being a Christian and believing that there is a bigger purpose to my life, I had a certain calmness going in …….. call it “nervously-calm” if there is such a thing.

As I lie in my hospital bed after the opperation, I have an enormous feeling of thankfulness knowing that God had His hand over me, the doctors and everyone involved in the procedure. I am also blessed to have an extremely supportive family, loving wife and good friends. It is quite a humbling and spiritually rejuvenating experience ……. lots of love beyond my wildest dreams.

……. I can only be grateful. Life is truly about so much more that just work and money and in some mysterious way God makes you see this. I am normally quite reserved and not so open about my religious views and believes …….. but this is my blog, my life and I felt like sharing this personal experience with you.

May you also be so lucky and fortunate to experience something similar in you lifetime.


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