Property as an “INVESTMENT”

So what is an “Investment Property”?

Well, according to Investopedia the definition of Investment Property is “A real estate property that has been purchased with the intention of  earning a return on the investment (purchase), either through rent (income), the  future resale of the property, or both. An investment property can be a  long-term endeavor, such as an apartment building, or an intended short-term  investment in the case of flipping (where a property is bought, remodeled or  renovated, and sold at a profit).
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There are obviously many considerations that you need to make before investing in “Investment Property”. The most important is probably whether you want a long-term or short-term approach.

LONG-TERM: Buying property and letting it out to tenants. This can be residential or commercial with rental income covering part of or the total monthly expenses that you might have such as the bond repayment, rates & taxes, levies, insurance etc etc. The ideal scenario is where you are able to buy cash, saving on transfer & registration costs and where the total monthly rental income can come back to you.

SHORT-TERM: A general term for this kind of approach is “flipping”. This is where you buy to sell as quickly as possible at a profit taking all costs of buying, renovating (if need be) into consideration. Normally there are no rental income during this period but there can be depending on the situation with the property and the occupants.

In the market where we operate, we can assist “Investors” with both options. In addition also assist our investor clients with rental management. Here we advertise the rental property, procure and screen the tenant, manage the monthly income and expenses of the property and also assists with ongoing maintenance where needed.

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