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…. here I am, me, marketer, estate agent, social networking enthusiast, virgin blogger, mountain bike lover, husband, “stunt double” …. just your regular guy I suppose …. I do all my own stunts! I am extremely fortunate to have met my soul mate, Juanita, in 2007 while selling houses. Now my wife, business and life partner, we make a great team working together to reach our personal and business goals.

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I have been in the Real Estate industry since 2005 (13 years and counting) and I am still learning something new every day. The Real Estate industry in South Africa is probably one of the most volatile industries at the moment with many external economic and political factors playing a huge role. Not much can be done about these factors from our side so we have to learn to adapt and educate ourselves, our buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants as we go. The National Credit Act of 2005, although not a bad thing, was passed in 2005 and turned the property market on its head as it became more difficult for buyers to qualify for bonds etc …. you can read all about the NCA on the link above. Financial institutions (Lenders/Banks) are strict in their lending policies and criteria …… but still, people are buying and getting finance every day. If you are buying or thinking of buying and you need to find out what you qualify for, please contact Sanette and her team at Payneless Bonds – They will be able to give you a good indication of your current credit score and how much you can buy for. For any info regarding bond repayments, bond registration and transfer costs …. please visit the calculators on our website at www.steynrealty.co.za  

Real Estate marketing has also changed drastically over the last couple of years and we need to be thinking out of the box when advertising our stock. With the internet, social media, blogs, networking groups, whatsapp, email and messaging platforms becoming more popular and more cost-effective than the normal print media publications, we see more and more buyers contacting us through our internet based and social media platforms.
Our focus is on informing & education our local communities where our buyers and sellers come from. We are leaders and educators in our industry and we need to make sure that our clients are as well-informed as possible.
So here we go!
You can find me right here (follow my blog posts) or on Facebook where I have a Personal Profile and a Business Page as well as on Twitter and Instagram @marnusuragent @steynrealty (Steyn Realty Facebook Page). If I am not selling houses or spending time with my family & friends, braaing and taking pics …. as we do, I am out riding my mountain bike somewhere in the Woesrand (WoesrandMTB), chasing the sun, riding the local trails, having fun &taking pics …. as we do!

Let’s not waste any more time …… let’s go sell some houses, ride some single-tracks, braai some steaks and take some more pics …….

For any real estate related queries or info, pls feel free to contact me on 072 264 7806 or email marnus@steynrealty.co.za

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