MTB – Tips for “Starters”

Herewith some tips that will get you started ….

  1. Get a proper bike … by this I don’t mean expensive. Ask around, 2nd-hand is fine … a new “dual-suspension bike can set you back anything from R 25 000 to R 50 000 to start with. I bought my bike for R 12 000 from a client and it has served me extremely well. It’s not about the bike …. but a good bike helps you to enjoy the ride.
  2. Get your bike set-up correctly. Part of the enjoyment of riding outdoors on the trails is being comfortable on your bike. Although you might feel uncomfortable on the bike at first, having it set-up correctly is vital as this can also prevent injury.
  3. Join a group / club … riding alone is a no-no. Find out where there are groups going out on weekends or mornings that you can join. You get to know the area, make friends and they can help with any mechanical issues, punctures etc along the way while you watch and learn.
  4. Go tubeless. Make sure you get a tubeless conversion done on your wheels or that you buy a bike that is already tubeless. This will save you lots of hassles on the trails.
  5. Cary the basics. Never leave without the basics, plug-kit, CO2 bombs & adapter, spare tube, some cash, tyre levers … if you don’t know what these are … find out.
  6. Take it easy … Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can learn a lot from friends who have been in the business for long but you are not training for the Epic or trying to catch Greg Minnaar down the hill … relax, take your time to up your fitness and your skill level.
  7. Remeber – No Helmet – No Ride …. don’t be a hero …. enjoy the ride!

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