Monday Morning Post – Sommer net 

….. new week, almost at the end of the year ….. Where did the year go? 

Sitting on my patio with a cup of coffee after a morning run with my wife, I can’t help but think that dispite everything that is going on in the world, all the negative and disgusting things that we see and read about in the news and social media, all the corruption and greed of our own corrupt government and president ….. I still have so much to be thankful for both in my personal and business life. 

Yes it’s hard / tough out there, trying your best to market yourself and your business and striving to deliver the best possible service to your clients. Sometimes it is appreciated and sometimes not. It’s a cruel world out there but hey, we have to get over it and carry on ……… It’s physically and mentally draining but extremely fulfilling and rewarding at the same time. I don’t think it really matters what business you are in, the impact that you can have on other people’s lives, positive or negative, is emence. I’d like to believe that through my business and me just being me, I can influence my own life as well as those of my family, friends and clients in a positive way.

Here are some some notes on goals I would like to set for myself, and try to follow as best I can. Some old, some new (“they” say you must write down your goals and then read them constantly to have a better effect. I suppose “blogging” them down will do). Maybe whoever reads this can benefit from it in some way …. You never know.

  1. Have faith …. As hard as it sometimes will be …. Have faith
  2. Stay focused, never lose sight of the bigger picture in you personal and business life
  3. Be honest and modest
  4. Be strict and diciplined on yourself
  5. Work to perfect your strengths and better your weeknesses … Get help if you need it!
  6. Find something you love doing other than work and do it regularly
  7. Have a routine 
  8. Be more health concious 
  9. Watch less crap on TV an social media …… (“Crap” will be different for us all)
  10. Read and listen to less useles and upsetting posts in the news and social media
  11. Detach yourself from your phone and tablet for a while 
  12. Listen to music more, switch off the radio in the car as 90% of everything you hear is negative
  13. Mingle with positive, likeminded people
  14. Get out more, walk, run, cycle, swim, hike ….. Get out there, get dirty ….. Sweat a little
  15. Read! Buy a book or books about something that interests you and read it ….. I have never been a good reader!
  16. Spend more quality time with friends and family 
  17. Make time to “switch off” ……. and when you “switch on”, be 100% “on”!
  18. Don’t be scared to jump at Opportunity ….. It’s everywhere 

So, my second cup of coffee is now done and I need to rush to get to my Monday morning Sales Krugersdorp ….. Hope you have a fantastic week.


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