What are your expectations when selling a home or property ………?

So ….. you are selling your house and you have selected an agent to help you. You have MANDATED that agent to list, market, advertise ….. and do whatever it is agents do, to get your house / property sold at the asking price or as close to the asking price as possible.

Hand drawing Results and Expectations concept with white chalk on a blackboard.

Before we get to your expectations I take it that you have done your homework and you have made sure that:

1. The agent is working in the area.

2. The agent and agency is qualified in terms of the EAAB regulations and that they each have a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate.

3. You receive some form of marketing plan from the agent explaining how he/she will be marketing the property.

Now, having done a bit of your own homework, I would like to know what are your expectations of the agent? Maybe you have bought or sold recently and you were impressed with the agent who assisted you or maybe you felt as if you could have done a better job?

Please let me know by emailing me to marnus@realpro4u.co.za or just comment on this post. Please do not mention any agency names or details unless you feel strongly about it. I really just want to get a feel for what your expectations are!

Regards …. have a nice day and remember …. “any day is a good day to buy property … ”

For assistance in selling your property in Krugersdorp or Roodepoort, please contact me on 072 264 7806.


Your Agent

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