A team of extraordinary and independent estate agents ……


Ok so, you are a good agent, maybe a great agent, you are professional in the way that you deal with your clients, you can list and you can sell, you have experience and you are qualified with a NQF4 or higher certificate and registered with the EAAB ……. and you are itching to make a change.

You might even be an agency owner or principal but tired of all the “red-tape”, audit requirements and associated stress that comes with running your own agency ……. and you are itching to make a change.

You are well known in the areas where your work, you are connected and you want to work independently, do your own thing and build your business so you can earn whatever it is you have your sights set on.

…… if the above sounds like you and you currently sell properties anywhere in South Africa, and you would love to know how you can earn 100% (that is, one hundred percent) of the commission you write then you need to get hold of me on any of my details below so we can meet, talk, email and see if you can you can join my team of extraordinary, independent agents.

Call, sms or whatsapp on 072 264 7806
Email on marnus@realpro4u.co.za
Twitter at @marnusuragent

Based in Gauteng, JHB but rolling out nationally …….

Marnus Steyn

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