Tips for getting your property from Listed to SOLD.

Tips for getting your property from Listed to SOLD!

Do some of your own research:

  • Have a look at some of the “Listing” and “Sold” prices in your area, street, neighbourhood, complex or estate where you stay. Any decent agent will be able to point this out to you but don’t just take his / her word for it. Many agents “buy” mandates by showing inflated valuations creating unrealistic expectations.
  • Pricing is the most important factor when selling. Although “location” is important, you can’t do anything about it unless you stay in a mobile home. A lot can be done to other factors such as condition, accessibility and pricing ….. get the price right, and you will sell quicker.

Become a buyer:

  • Look at your property through “Buying Eyes” and ask yourself the following questions ….
  • Would I buy it in the condition that it is?
  • What would I like to have “fixed up” before I buy?
  • What are the biggest negatives about my property and what can I do to make it better.

Appoint a reputable agent to market and sell your property:

  • We (agents) like to work on Mandates because that shows commitment from your side and I can then spend valuable time and money advertising and bringing buyers to your property. Although it might not always look that way, a lot of time, effort and money is spent on marketing and communicating with buyers before they actually see the property and once an offer comes in, the real work starts. You want to make sure you are dealing with an agent that understands the selling and registration processes so the transaction can be as quick and painless as possible. A mandate can be seen as an employment contract where the salary (“Commission”) is 100% performance / outcome based.

Be accessible:

  • Many properties do not sell because you can never get in to show buyers the property. Between you and your agent you have to arrange that the property can be easily accessible. Most buyers (not all) view properties after hours in the week or weekends and they see more than one at a time so you have to “play ball” here. If a buyer can’t see your property he will go on and buy something else and you might just lose out on “the one”.

Clean up:

  • It’s a fact, neat houses sell quicker than dirty or untidy houses. Buyers are put off by the fact that the owner is not taking care of the property and as much as we try to tell the buyers to look past the mess in the kitchen, unmade beds, clothes all over the floor, underpants (and other similar items) lying around in the bathroom, on the couch etc …… most buyers will not see the “potential” we talk about and leave.

Don’t be stubborn:

  • Selling properties is what we do and I don’t believe that this business can be done as a part-time or side-line business so …… selling property puts food on the table for most agents and we need to sell to survive. As mentioned in point 3 above, pick an agent that you can relate with, trust and work with to sell your property and then go with what he or she tells you to do. If you don’t get along with the agent, don’t appoint him or her and find one you like.

…………… hope this helps, please feel free to pass this on or “share” with friends and watch this space for more tips, hints and industry related news and updates …………. Happy Selling!

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