Posts to come …..

So much is happening in the Real Estate market at the moment. Agents and agencies are fighting for a piece of the pie with less stock and most buyers struggling to qualify for bonds. Marketing of your brand, your stock and most importantly, yourself is becoming increasingly important for agents.

Most often than not, sellers want too much for their properties and they believe that somewhere out there is a buyer who’s prepared to pay more for their home than what similar properties have just sold for, and its up to the agent to find that 1 buyer!

Property websites are becoming more & more popular but many buyers are frustrated with all the duplicate and outdated stock on most of these sites. Not sure if we can solve this one but knowing how and why this happens might benefit buyers browsing these sites for properties.

Some issues I would like to blog about before 2013 ……..

1. Pricing right for sellers
2. Giving / Taking a sole mandate or not ….
3. Multi-Listing or not ….
4. What’s up with commission?
5. Finding your new home ….
6. Some smart marketing tips for agents ….
7. Stock on property websites …. what you as a buyer, and seller should know.

Watch this space for more details.

Happy blogging.

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